Education is the perfect foundation we lay for our children’s future. When it’s such an important factor that will shape our kid’s life, it’s understandable that we must research, review, and pick the best out of the Best International Schools in Hyderabad. While it is important to choose the right school, have you ever wondered about the different factors you should consider to pick the right one? This blog will be the perfect guide to choosing the best international school in Hyderabad.

Why should you check different schools?

There are several schools in Hyderabad and you need to pick the best one because it impacts the overall development of your child. For instance, when there are top-class sports facilities in the school, your child will get the opportunity to explore their interests and learn more about their talents. Likewise, each factor ensures the child gets the perfect space to learn and grow. Whether you are looking for the best International Schools in Boduppal or other areas in Hyderabad, here are some of the factors that must be mandatorily present in the schools.

Factor to Consider

Academic Excellence

This is a no-brainer and naturally is the first thing you must check for in any school. A proper syllabus that emphasizes both practical and theoretical learning, with the right balance is a must. Besides looking at the concepts they teach and how the academic functioning is, you must also check for their track record and the academic achievements the school has made over the years.


The best International Schools in Hyderabad are mostly known for their infrastructure facilities. Some may wonder why and how the infrastructure is important for a child’s education. For instance, a smart board enhances the digital learning space which is very crucial in today’s times. Similarly, a world-class lab facility, a properly maintained library, and playgrounds play a vital role in shaping the world of the child.

Inclusivity and Diversity

One big difference in studying in international schools is the multicultural environment and the exposure it offers to diverse cultural interactions and learnings. Therefore, an international school will and must be inclusive and have several systems in place to support students from varied cultures to meet their learning demands.


Faculty qualifications and experience are another major aspect one must consider. Irrespective of the kind of facilities offered, if the faculty members are not experts, it will highly affect the child’s learning experience. Therefore, the qualifications of the teachers are important.

Extracurricular Activities

When we talk about a child’s education, we may limit it just to academics and marks. But it’s important to realize that extracurricular activities and sports equally contribute to a child’s development. It’s not just about learning new skills but such activities teach them life skills like communication, teamwork, handling success and failure, etc. Besides, since most extracurricular activities and sports are practical exercises, it helps the children to stay active. So, the right school must have a range of such activities including arts, music, dance, and a variety of other clubs.

Safety Measures

Safety is the first and foremost concern for all parents. A school must have certain protocols in place, have CCTVs installed, onboard security guards, and provide all possible security facilities to make the space a safe and secure learning environment.

Wrapping Up

Hyderabad is slowly becoming the hub for quality international education. It’s a great opportunity to pursue one’s education at Hyderabad but its growth has also led to many international schools blossoming in the area. So weigh your options before making a decision and bear in mind the above-discussed factors. With full of hope and clarity, take the next step forward in this journey.

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