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House Colours and Symbolism

Explore the Vibrant House Colours at Our School

At our school, we celebrate the rich diversity of our nation’s mountain ranges through our unique house system. Students are grouped into four houses, each named after a prominent mountain range, symbolizing the abundance of natural resources and cultural heritage.

Satpura (Yellow House)

Representing the mountains in Central India, with ‘Dhupgarh’ soaring at 1350 meters, Satpura is synonymous with ‘Seven Folds.’ This house embraces the colour ‘YELLOW,’ symbolizing optimism, success, and confidence.
Tagline: “Rise and Shine: Seven Folds of Optimism and Success.”
Mascot: A spirited leaping horse, symbolizing vitality, energy, and the joy of achievement.

Nilgiri (Blue House)

Nestled in the Western Ghat region, with ‘Doddabetta’ reaching 2637 meters, Nilgiri translates to ‘Blue Hills.’ The house radiates the color ‘BLUE,’ representing trust, integrity, and serenity.
Tagline: “Soaring into Excellence: Blue Hills of Trust and Integrity.”
Mascot: A majestic flying eagle, embodying freedom, vision, and the pursuit of excellence.

Vindhyachal (Red House)

Hailing from West central India, with ‘Sadhbhavana Shikar’ standing at 752 meters, Vindhyachal means ‘Obstructer or Hunter.’ The house is adorned with the color ‘RED,’ symbolizing activity, courage, and valor.

Mascot:  The Fierce Lion
Symbolism:  Reflecting courage, strength, and the pride of the Hunter’s Heartbeat.

Aravalli (Green House)

From the North-Western region, with ‘Guru Shikar’ towering at 1722 meters, Aravalli signifies ‘Righteous.’ The house is characterized by the color ‘GREEN,’ embodying growth, abundance, and peace.
Tagline:  “Believe and Succeed: Green Peaks of Righteous Growth.”
Mascot:  A tall standing deer, symbolizing grace, growth, and the peaceful essence of the Green Peaks.
Immerse yourself in the vibrant hues of our house colors, each carrying its unique symbolism, fostering a sense of pride, unity, and inspiration among our students.

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Campus Life


Elevating Learning through Special Assemblies

Discover an enriching educational experience at our school through our Special Assemblies. These unique gatherings are meticulously crafted to teach students the profound significance of specific days, marked by engaging activities. Through curated programs, we aim to impart not just knowledge but also a deeper understanding of the cultural and historical importance associated with these special occasions. Join us in fostering a holistic learning environment that combines education and celebration, leaving a lasting impact on every student.


Unleashing Learning Beyond the Classroom with Field Trips and Excursions

Embark on an educational journey beyond the classroom with our captivating field trips and excursions. Tailored to enhance experiential learning, these adventures offer students hands-on encounters with real-world scenarios. Immerse yourself in a curriculum that extends beyond textbooks, fostering curiosity and a deeper understanding of various subjects. Join us in cultivating a holistic learning experience that goes beyond boundaries, providing students with memorable and impactful insights that last a lifetime.


Teacher Workshops: Empowering Teachers, Enriching Futures

At KIS, we prioritize excellence in education, and our commitment extends to the continuous development of our educators. Our carefully curated workshops are designed not only to enhance teaching skills but also to directly impact the betterment of our school children.

Our transformative teacher workshops focus on innovative methodologies, technology integration, and effective classroom strategies. As we empower our teachers, we, in turn, enrich the educational experience for every child in our care.


Mastering the 5 S's: A Holistic Approach to Sports Excellence

Unlock the essence of sports training encapsulated in the five S’s: stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit. As Ken Doherty wisely stated, “The greatest of these is spirit.” Sporting events go beyond physical prowess; they instill values of humility in success and dignity in facing defeat. Join us in embracing the holistic benefits of sports, where the journey is as vital as the destination.


Student Council - Shaping Tomorrow's Leaders

Committed to fostering student empowerment, the student council is a platform where voices are heard, ideas are valued, and initiatives are championed. Becoming a part of the Student Council community provides students with the opportunity to actively shape their educational journey, paving the way for them to emerge as poised leaders geared for a successful future. Join us in fostering leadership skills and making a lasting impact!


Nurturing Empathy: Kiran International's Impactful Social Outreach

At Kiran International School, we believe in the transformative power of compassion. Our school’s social outreach programs aim to cultivate empathy among students, fostering a deep sense of social responsibility. Explore the unique opportunities for active participation in community-driven initiatives, where students contribute to meaningful change. Join us in building a legacy of compassionate leaders. Experience the profound impact of our social outreach programs at Kiran International School — where empathy shapes futures!

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