About Kiran International School, Hyderabad.

Our motto, Learn, Serve and Lead, encompasses the value of Learning from the Nation, Serving the Nation & eventually Leading the Nation. Supporting us in this vision are our handpicked facilitators, who are well qualified and oriented towards the child-centric way of teaching.

What curriculum does KIS follow?

Answer: CBSE Curriculum.

How can I start the admission process?

Answer: Visit Kiran International School's admission page for a detailed guide.

What's the admission schedule For Pre Nursery – Pre Primary II?

Class Level: Pre Nursery – Pre Primary II Admission Method: Random Selection Method Month: November/December

What's the admission schedule For Grade 1 – Grade 5 ?

Class Level: Grade 1 – Grade 5 Admission Method: Based on Child's Readiness (subject to availability) Month: November/December

What's the admission schedule For Grade 6 and above

Class Level:Grade 6 and above Admission Method: Screening Test (subject to availability) Month:November/December

What age criteria apply For Pre Nursery?

Pre Nursery: 2+ by May 31st of the particular academic year

What age criteria apply For Nursery ?

Nursery: 3+ by May 31st of the particular academic year

What age criteria apply For Pre Primary I ?

Pre Primary I: 4+ by May 31st of the particular academic year

What age criteria apply Pre Primary II ?

Pre Primary II : 5+ by May 31st of the particular academic year

What age criteria apply For Grade I ?

Grade I: 6+ by May 31st of the particular academic year

What age criteria apply Grade II & above ?

Grade II & above: Can be calculated accordingly.

Is there any age criteria flexibility?

Answer: No exceptions are made, even if the child is only short by a few months or days.

What documents do I need for admission?

Answer: Birth Certificate, Aadhaar Card, Category Certificate (if applicable), and Report cards.

Can we tour the campus?

Answer: Parents can visit the campus by scheduling an appointment during the admission process.

What's the student-to-teacher ratio?

Answer: Pre Nursery – Pre Primary II : 1:18
Grade I and above : 1:36

How many students are in a class?

Answer: 36 students per section.

Where can I find the fee structure?

Answer: Refer to the Mandatory Public Disclosure on our homepage.

Are there annual fee increases?

Answer: Yes, approximately 10 - 12%.

How large is the KIS campus?

Answer: KIS spans approximately 5 acres.

Who can I contact for course and subject queries?

Answer: Our school counsellor is available for clarification during the admission process.

What sports are available?

Answer: Outdoor sports include Basketball, Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Skating, Taekwondo, and Yoga. Indoor options are Table Tennis, Carrom, and Chess.

Which languages are taught?

Answer: Hindi and Telugu.

What are the school hours?

Answer: Pre-Nursery & Nursery:9:00 am to 12:00 noon PP I and PP II : 9:00 am to 02:00 pm Grades 1-10: 8:30 am to 3:30 pm

How will the school communicate with parents?

Answer: Via App and SMS.

Is the state language mandatory?

Answer: Yes, it's required for all students from Grade one onward.

Is KIS a day or boarding school?

Answer: KIS is a day scholar institution.

How many breaks do students get?

Answer: Two breaks: a 10-minute short break in the morning and a 30-minute lunch break in the afternoon.

What payment methods are accepted?

Answer: Online via the school ERP system or cash at the Accounts office.

What medical facilities are available?

Answer: Our school offers a well-equipped First Aid room overseen by a trained full time nurse. For more serious incidents, we have partnered with nearby hospitals.

How does the school keep parents informed?

Answer: Through the website, school magazine, SMS, mobile app notifications, and PTMs scheduled thrice a year.

Are there transport restrictions?

Answer: Yes, transport is available within a 15km radius only.

Does KIS organize educational trips?

Answer: Absolutely! We arrange both educational trips and fun excursions tailored to various age groups.
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