As a parent, choosing a school that provides quality education and holistic growth and development for your child is an important decision. It establishes the groundwork for their future academic and personal endeavors.

Are you thinking about the type of school you want to enroll your child in? It is important to consider and compare international schools and traditional schools to make a well-informed decision. You can consider the various factors of the types of schools before choosing the right one.

You can read this article to learn about the differences between international and traditional schools in Hyderabad for your child.

The Differences Between International Schools and Traditional Schools

International schools and traditional schools are two types of school models. They have their own distinct features with their set of benefits. These two types of schools are completely different in their approach and teaching methodology.

International schools follow an international curriculum based on English in a country whose native language isn’t English. On the other hand, traditional schools are the most common type of school in India. These kinds of schools have been around for many years and are a standard of the Indian education system.

There are many international schools in Boduppal , the Best CBSE School in Boduppal , and other traditional schools that you can choose from based on your requirements for your child’s education. The type of school can impact your child in many ways and contribute to their holistic development as an individual.

Some of the main differences between international schools and traditional schools are as follows —


The curriculum followed in the international schools hyderabad follows an international curriculum from the United States or the United Kingdom. The curriculum is more inclusive and comprehensive. In India, international schools follow the IB or International Baccalaureate and IGCSE or International General Certificate of Secondary Education curriculum.

The curriculum in traditional schools is already predetermined by the national system and educational board. The students have a very structured curriculum and follow the prescribed textbooks and reading material. The curriculum covers the main subjects, such as mathematics, science, and social sciences, with a theoretical approach.


The curriculum of international schools provides children the option to engage in critical thinking and problem-solving. The best international schools in Hyderabad offer a comprehensive curriculum for the holistic academic development of students. These schools encourage students to foster their curiosity with an inquiry-based learning style to gain a deeper understanding of concepts and apply them practically.

The curriculum offers ample opportunities and exposure to learn and develop international perspectives. Students are encouraged to understand more about the world and different cultures to improve their worldview about various subjects.

The curriculum of traditional schools involves a lecture-based style of teaching and passive learning from the students. It promotes memorizing and recalling facts to learn and acquire knowledge. The teaching approach is exam-oriented. Students are assessed with tests, exams, and assignments on the textbook content.

The main emphasis of traditional schools is to teach from the recommended textbooks through lectures for students. This style of learning is not very holistic. However, the students in these schools engage with their local community more and also get to learn from them for a wider perspective and understanding of various things.

Exams and Grading System

The exams conducted by international schools follow the international assessment system used in other countries. They have their own grading system that is better than the classic assessment system and grade scale. The exams are less stressful and motivate students to explore their perspectives in the exams and present the answers in their own words.

The exams conducted in the traditional system involve recalling information from textbooks that they have memorized to earn marks. The grading system of traditional schools can be much more rigorous and stressful for students. The main objective of the schooling system is academic achievement and scoring marks in the exams.

Student-Teacher Ratio

The student-teacher ratio of classes in international schools in Boduppal is less. The number of students in this type of school is quite low. International schools aim to offer personalized attention and support for each child individually. A low student-teacher ratio ensures higher quality education and a better classroom environment.

This is one of the biggest advantages of international schools. They make sure your child is offered adequate support and guidance to help them progress in their academics and school life.

The student-teacher ratio of classes in traditional schools is high. The number of students a traditional school accommodates in each class is quite high. This results in a situation where each child doesn’t receive the necessary personal attention due to the high ratio of students to teachers. The teachers cannot provide individual support when compared to those in international schools. Sometimes, the classrooms are crammed with students.

The Faculty

The faculty in international schools includes a diverse set of individuals. The teachers are recruited from cities, states, and countries. They include many international staff who offer students an international worldview. It allows students to have a glimpse of the global community. Your child can experience learning from teachers of different cultures and appreciate various perspectives for an enriching experience and exposure.

Traditional schools don’t necessarily include a diverse faculty. The teachers are from the same area and region. The lack of diversity provides students with limited exposure to the world outside their own. However, a commonality with the teachers allows students to form a bond with people from their neighborhood and community.

Language Learning

International schools foster the learning of various languages. These schools offer children with opportunities to learn foreign languages. These include German, French, Spanish, Japanese, and so on. Learning a language from a young age can improve their critical thinking and memory. It also introduces them to the rich culture of different parts of the world.

In traditional schools, children don’t learn foreign languages when compared to international schools. They aren’t given the option of learning a foreign language. They learn the languages of their state/country with minimal exposure to many other languages and cultures.

Infrastructure and Facilities

The infrastructure provided by international schools and the Best CBSE School in Boduppal is of high standard, with a state-of-the-art campus. It includes smart classrooms equipped with modern technology, well-stocked libraries, laboratories, sports grounds, and a range of other world-class facilities for students.

The infrastructure and facilities of traditional schools include classrooms, well-stocked libraries, playgrounds, labs, etc. However, a comparison between the standard of infrastructure of international and traditional schools cannot be compared. Traditional schools have the standard facilities that schools require for the growth and development of kids.

Cost of Tuition Fee

It is a known fact that the best international schools in hyderabad for your child can be expensive with high tuition fees every year. The fees include high-quality education, state-of-the-art infrastructure and classrooms equipped with modern technology. The money is spent every penny for what international schools bring to the table – the high standard of education and holistic growth and development of your child.

Traditional schools are not as expensive as international schools. They are more affordable, with moderate tuition fees for children’s education. A large percentage of the Indian population opt for traditional schools for their children. The affordable fee structure of traditional schools allows more children to receive an education and contributes to their growth and development as individuals throughout their academic journey.

Extracurricular Activities

International schools not only focus on academics but also encourage a range of extracurricular activities for students as a part of the curriculum. These activities can enhance their social skills, problem-solving, critical thinking, leadership, effective communication, and other qualities that are crucial for various phases of their lives.

Traditional schools concentrate more on the academic aspect of school. Extracurricular activities are not promoted as much as international schools. The primary objective of traditional schools is imparting knowledge and preparing for exams. They offer students limited opportunities for these activities compared to international schools.

Career Opportunities

One of the perks of receiving education from an international school is the diverse amount of career opportunities available in the global market. Students who want to work abroad can find themselves in a better situation when looking for jobs. The International Baccalaureate program is highly regarded and recognized around the world by foreign universities and employers.

When compared to international schools, the traditional schools do not have this perk. The students can find jobs abroad, but a graduate from an international school has an added advantage, especially in the US and UK. The IB and IGCSE certificates reflect the high level of competence and knowledge of students. The traditional schools are suited to students who are looking to study within their region and country and provide them with the necessary skills for the same.


After comparing the differences between the two types of schools, international schools offer more benefits. It’s a perfect fit if you want your child to study an international curriculum that meets global standards.
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