Imagination.. life is your creation!

Barbie Doll got it right!

 Imagination is a vital part of a child’s development and plays an important role in their creativity, problem-solving skills, and overall cognitive development. Here are 7 ways to encourage your child’s imagination:

Provide open-ended play materials

Prompt your little ones to use their imagination by providing them with open-ended play materials such as blocks, clay, or dress-up clothes. These materials allow children to create their own stories and explore different scenarios without limitations.

Read to your kids

Reading is an excellent way to fuel their imagination. Choose books with vivid illustrations and creative stories that inspire them to think about the world in new ways.

Encourage creative expression

Art, music, writing, etc. are excellent hobbies that help children explore their imagination. They also give them an opportunity to express themselves in ways beyond words. Children who grow up with such hobbies are usually more creative, confident, and interactive.

Take them on adventures

Whether it’s to a new park, museum, or even just a different part of your neighbourhood, new adventures are a great way to bond and encourage them to imagine. The more they see, the more they think and imagine!

Encourage storytelling

Along with reading to your children, we recommend encouraging them to make up stories. Storytelling is driven by imagination, making it the perfect means to encourage and nurture it. Moreover, it helps improve one’s language and communication skills.

Let them play with other children

Playing with other children can help kids develop their social skills and imagination. Children are great learners, especially when they are having fun. They pick up things from each other and script their own games, stories, and worlds!

Give them some space

Sometimes, just let your kids be. Make time for unscheduled fun and space. During this time, they need to be on their own with no directions from you. Try to withhold yourself from hand-holding or interrupting them. Let them develop their own ideas and games while you sit back and watch. It will be fun for you and them!


Childhood imagination is crucial for overall development. It also plays a major role in education because it enhances problem-solving skills, creativity, communication skills, and so on. By providing open-ended play materials, reading, encouraging creative expression, taking them on adventures, encouraging storytelling, letting them play with other children and giving them some space, you can help your child develop their imagination.

 At Kiran International School, the importance of imagination in child development is highlighted in our pedagogy, and we incorporate it in different ways in our curriculum. For more details, please visit our website.

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