Indian education is considered as one of the best in the world. Its reputation illustrates its high stature. It’s not a rarity to see parents of other countries sending their children to India to pursue their education.

In fact, the quality of education in India is so high that 3 of the world’s most competitive exams are from India – UPSC, JEE and CAT. The ranking system on which most of Indian exams are based instill a level of competitiveness within students. It pushes the child to do their best and stand out from their peers, thereby ensuring that they study well.

There has been a paradigm change in the education system so as to accommodate modern reforms & concepts. The 2 most popular boards of education in India are CBSE & ICSE, both of which are equally beneficial for anyone who studies it. Like any education system, the Indian education system has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. However, the pros outweigh the cons, and we’re discussing some of them here.

  1. E-learning

    The advent of technology has opened up a plethora of avenues in various fields. The education sector is no different. The internet has made it easier than ever for students to keep up with their education.

    Each school has adopted its own Learning Management System (LMS) which grants students access to their course & subject details from anywhere in the world. This can be seen in schools all over the country, like Kiran International School, which is one among the best schools in Hyderabad. It follows a CBSE affiliated curricula and offered online education to its students during the pandemic.

  2. Emphasis on theory

    The Indian Education System places special emphasis on the theory side of a subject. It teaches the students the foundation and builds on it with more advanced and complex concepts. The theory aspect makes up the most marks in an Indian examination. Stronger theoretical knowledge is more important in conducting research.

  3. Wide range of subjects

    The Indian Education System introduces a wide variety of subjects to students. They are encouraged to learn a bit of everything. Their potential is also tested through extracurricular activities, like sports, dance and more. A good school consists of playgrounds, swimming pools, and other facilities to aid in the child’s development. At Kiran International School, every child gets involved in Arts, Music and Sports, thus grooming them holistically.

  4. World of opportunities

    The best feature of the Indian education system is that it is widely accepted & acknowledged across the world. An individual completing his education in India may apply for jobs all over the globe. It is this aspect of Indian education that makes it highly favoured with great potential.

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