The global pandemic has wreaked havoc on everyone’s mental peace. And, kids are no different. Since they are more susceptible to getting affected by negativity, we have a responsibility to protect them. 

Are you tense about the impact of constant lockdowns, fear of contracting infections, and social distancing on your kid? You’re not alone! 

Here’s how you mitigate the mental stress that your kid might be experiencing due to COVID-19:

5 Ways to Help School Students can Remain Positive Through COVID-19

Don’t Get Overwhelmed by Paranoia

Since this pandemic appears to never end, getting worried and anxious is natural. However, we need to assure ourselves that it’s temporary. 

No matter what happens, we’ll find ways to co-exist safely and protect ourselves in the best way possible. So, don’t get anxious. Now, since you’re spending more time with your kids, you can meditate together to mitigate mental stress too.

Inculcate Healthy Lifestyle Practices

If you look at it positively, this pandemic is an excellent opportunity for you to reinforce good lifestyle practices. Let’s discuss some ways to inculcate healthy practices in kids during the pandemic: 

  1. Start a family tradition of going for morning walks or jogs. While doing so, do follow all the COVID social distancing rules to remain safe. 
  2. If you have older kids, get them to help you with the household chores. You have a chance to delegate work and teach them valuable life skills like cooking. 
  3. Eat healthy meals and drink natural juices as much as possible. For better immunity, especially for protection against COVID-19, do consume citrus juices and fruits. 
  4. Bring order to your life by developing an enriching daily routine for you and your kids. 

Start a Project 

An idle mind is truly a devil’s workshop. To avoid getting negative thoughts, you can also engage your kids in a project that’s fun and enriching for them. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Give them plain t-shirts, tote bags, and clothes and let them paint. 
  2. If they love singing, ask them to prepare a performance and show it to everyone in the family.
  3. You can also suggest that they collect stamps or dance.
  4. Was there a skill they wanted to learn? Or a course they wanted to take? It’s the right time for them to do so. 
  5. If your kids are grown up, they can also start looking for college admissions and submission guidelines. Plus, they can apply for educational grants too. Let them plan out their way to maximize this time. 


Since you’re at home, go through the stuff you’ve accumulated in your house with your kids. They might have old notebooks and textbooks, toys, clothes, and items they won’t use. So, sit with them and sort them out. 

Then, you can find an appropriate place and donate this stuff. If you’d like, you can also get your kids to donate their old stuff. That way, they understand the importance of giving back to society and keeping their surroundings clean.

Listen to Your Kid’s Concerns

Sometimes, you might not understand what your kids are going through. So, if they’re acting out, don’t jump to conclusions without calmly asking them. Through this small gesture, you convey that you trust their emotions and build a long-lasting bond with them.

Once they talk about their fears, anxiety, and other negative feelings, show your support and don’t dismiss them. To console them well, you can also give them a lot of hugs and kisses.

Final Thoughts

Huge changes can overwhelm your kids. Though we can’t change the circumstances, it’s on us to choose our reaction and impact our kids positively. 

Even with the pandemic, we can come out stronger if we’re resilient and united with our kids. Our way of teaching at Kiran International School promotes a healthy balance between education and de-stress. We have adjusted our curriculum and teaching practices to get the most out of our students even under these unprecedented conditions. It’s high time we take charge, think positive, and power through!

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